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The history of the Uzbek Culture and Food Festival!

Updated: Apr 30

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In 2020, inspired by a passion for his heritage, Muzaffar Sadykov envisioned a unique platform to showcase Uzbek culture and cuisine to a global audience. Founding Uzbek Culture and Food Festival, he dedicated three years to meticulous planning and forging partnerships with numerous individuals and organizations. This groundwork paved the way for the debut of an extraordinary cultural celebration in 2023.

Despite initial setbacks in 2020, our persistence paid off. With support from the Uzbek Embassy, the London Uzbek diaspora, and the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in association with Chustiy group and OshPaz team, we launched our first festival in 2023 at the scenic Potters Fields Park. Last year, we welcomed nearly 40,000 attendees, including visitors from across the UK and the EU, and served up TWO TONS of delicious plov, cooked in a special pot brought all the way from Uzbekistan!

The 2023 festival was a hit, praised for its incredible hospitality and vibrant presentation of Uzbek culture! So much so, that the manager of Potters Field Park was moved to explore more about Uzbekistan, and we've since been placed on the priority list for future festivities.


This June 8th and 9th, we’re back and ready to make this year even more memorable. Don’t miss out on the food, the fun, and the festivity—be part of our growing story. See you at the festival!

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